What is a WritFiling?

WritFiling is a joint initiative between the Ministry of the Attorney General and Teranet Inc. This easy-to-use Internet-based software is secure and provides lawyers and their staff with the ability to conduct writ activities directly from their offices.

WritFiling permits users to electronically issue and file a writ of seizure and sale (Form 60A) into one or more jurisdictions in Ontario. WritFiling also provides legal support staff the opportunity to prepare and save electronic files for submission by a lawyer. Additionally, users may also access non-electronic writs of seizure and sale (Form 60A) filed in paper at an enforcement office to withdraw, renew and update them electronically through WritFiling.

Please Note:

WritFiling allows lawyers to perform electronic processes on a writ of execution enforcing an order awarded ONLY by the Superior Court of Justice - Civil.

WritFiling Functionality Includes:

         Combined Issuance and Filing

         Withdrawal of Entire Writ or Individual Debtor(s)

         Refiling (only permitted for writs issues and filed electronically)


         Updates (Change Lawyer of Record, Advise Enforcement Office of payment(s) received)

Getting Started

Getting Started with WritFiling is easy. With a few simple steps, you will be ready to file writs electronically.

         Personal Security License (PSL)

o    Current Teraview Users - Teraview customers with a Law Society of Upper Canada number and a valid Personal Security License (PSL) already have the security credential required for WritFiling. To add WritFiling to your PSL, please speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives at 416-360-1190 or 1-800-208-5263.

o    New Customers - Please contact Customer Service at 416-360-1190 or 1-800-208-5263.

System Requirements

Internet Explorer (versions 8, 9, 10 and 11) and Firefox (version 51 or older).

Note: Internet Explorer version 7 is not supported.

Supported Operating Systems

         Windows 7

Supported Java Versions

Java 1.6, Java 1.7 and Java 1.8

Supported Flash Player Version

Adobe Flash Plugin for the browser is required to run WritFiling functionality, the supported versions are 10.0 and higher.

Effective April 1, 2010, all new WritFiling users will be charged the Personal Security License (PSL) fee of $195.00 per package.

Teraview customers with a Law Society of Upper Canada number and a valid Personal Security License (PSL) will not be required

to pay any additional fee to use their Personal Security License for WritFiling.