Change Your Pass Phrase

From the e-reg main menu,

1.   Click on Administration.

2.   Click on Change Pass Phrase from the drop down menu.

3.   Enter your Old Pass Phrase (current pass phrase) and press <tab>.

4.   Enter your New Pass Phrase and press <tab>.

          -minimum of 8 characters

          -contain any mixture of letters, digits and special characters including spaces

          -must contain at least one upper case letter

          -must contain at least one lower case letter

          -no more than length divided by 2 occurrences of same character *

          -different than your user name or account name

          -can not use a recently used passphrase.

5.   Enter your new pass phrase in the New Pass Phrase Verify field and click OK.

6.   Click OK again.


* if the pass phrase is 10 characters in length, one letter cannot be

   repeated more than 5 times.