Frequently Asked Questions 

Based on a standard PC how long does it take to install the Teraview software?

If following the instructions in the manual the installation should be complete in fewer than 10 minutes.

Can the Teraview software be installed on any drive, including network drives?

Teraview software can be installed on any local drive resident on your computer. Teraview software will not operate if installed on a network drive.

How does the security profile work? When can I remove it?

Your security profile must be inserted at time of login. After you enter your user name and passphrase, the PC makes the connection with the Teraview server. Your security profile must be in place to make this connection. It's best to leave the security profile in place throughout your session. It is required when you sign documents for registration, and when you close Teraview software and any component applications that you had open (the e-reg system or the WritSearch capability).

How do I obtain Teraview software manuals?

The Teraview Reference Guide and the Teraview Training Manual along with the Ministry of Government Services Procedures Guide are all available in PDF format and can be
downloaded. During installation, links to the guides are also created in your Teraview 8.0 folder on your desktop for convenient access. You can also access the information in on-line version of the Teraview Reference Guide within the application itself be clicking "Help" from the menu bar when your working in Teraview.

If the Teraview software isn't working, what do I do first?

Please ensure that you have followed the instructions within the Teraview Installation guide. If you continue to experience trouble, please contact the Teranet Customer Service Centre at 1-800-208-5263 or from Toronto at 416-360-1190.

Teraview software has been tested on PCs connected to the following networks:
  1. Novell 3.2
  2. Novell 4.1
  3. Microsoft Networking-NT server
On what type of computer and operating system can Teraview software be loaded?

We recommend installing the Teraview software on Windows 2000, the 32-Bit versions Windows XP Home or Professional or the 32-Bit versions of Vista Business Edition or Home Basic Edition.

What are the hardware specifications required for Teraview software?

The following are the recommended system requirements for Teraview software:
  • An Internet connection.
Hardware Configuration:
  • Pentium III or higher processor with 256 MB of RAM.
  • CD-ROM and Floppy drive.
  • 800 x 600 Super VGA video minimum.
  • Laser Printer with 4 MB of memory compatible with PCL 5, 5e or 6 and the ability to print legal size documents.

    For complete recommended system requirements, click here.

What is the current version of Teraview software?

Teraview 8.0 was released in December 2013.

Why would the mapping tab be grayed out?

The mapping tab is grayed out when no parcel maps have been loaded into the Teraview system.

Will a Macintosh version of Teraview software ever be available?

Currently, there are no plans to develop a Macintosh version of Teraview software.