Training Environment

Can you use messaging in training?

The training environment is designed to mimic the production application. While in training, a user can message another user of the system either within or outside of their account. Use the FIND feature to locate the user to whom you would like to grant document access. That user will then be able to go into the training environment and complete the document.

How do I create an instrument in training?

Please refer to the Teraview Training System Workbook. It will walk you step by step through the creation of a document using the Teraview software.

How do I find PINs for the training environment?

The Teraview training environment can help you to become comfortable with the functionality of electronic registration and the new features of Teraview software - free of charge. The training office is a duplicate of records from the Halton Land Registry Office. Below is also a range of PINs you can use in the training environment.

07116 - 0001 to 07116 - 0080 07126-0001 to 07126 - 0500

For a more complete list of PINs please refer to the Training Environment workbook.

Is the security profile used for the Training environment?

Yes. Once created, your security profile grants you access to all products and services offered through the Teraview gateway: the e-reg capability, the WritSearch service, and Training.